Nickelodeon Star Max Schneider's Wedding Album Is Unbelievably Pretty

Finally, How to Rock's Max Schneider and his now-wife Emily can scream their love from the rooftops! After keeping their relationship (and engagement) a secret for so long, the newlyweds are super excited to reveal their love story to the world. In an exclusive interview with Brides, Schneider and his wife gave us all the details on their sweet, intimate wedding day, not to mention their drop-dead-gorgeous photos. Just be prepared: these two are insanely adorable and have been known to make people cry with their cuteness.

"We officially tied the knot at the NYC Courthouse on April Fool's Day, which may have been just as magical as the ceremony we had a few days later," Emily gushed. "On April 3rd we had about 75 of our closest family and friends over at Max's parent's loft, which is actually where his parents got married as well!"

The newlyweds had considered getting married in a swanky hotel or a members-only club, but ultimately decided that Schneider's loft was where they felt most comfortable saying their "I dos." As for how they managed to pull off a wedding in a mere two months, it all came down to the magic of DIY work. "My mom really saved us from stressing at all, which was amazing," the Nickelodeon star explained. "She's a boss. Emily is the same way, so between the two of them it was pretty incredible how they put it all together in two months. I just smiled and nodded a lot."

Because of the intimate loft space, décor was minimal. "We just covered the place in flowers and candles, and pretty much called it a day as far as decorating goes," Emily said. The couple even skipped many wedding traditions, like the bouquet toss and the first dance, but not because they meant to. It was because they were so caught up in the excitement of their big day! Can you say cuteness overload? And although the actual celebration was amazing (as you can see), their favorite part wasn't their first kiss or the reading of their vows—it was the part when they got to run away from their wedding as Mr. and Mrs. and enjoy their mini-moon at the Ludlow Hotel together.

"It was the best when we got back to our little mini-moon and had lamb burgers in the bathtub," Schneider said. "It was just nice to know our love didn't change at all, and that we were the same little weirdos."

Speaking of food, the newlyweds not only opted for a very cool, very necessary chocolate fountain, but they swapped a traditional wedding cake with a crepe cake from Lady M. "The cake was great, but the chocolate fountain was actually the life of the party," Emily stated, to which her new husband replied, "True, I should have known she would choose the chocolate fountain [as the best dessert]. I even put in my vows that I would always have chocolate ready to go whenever she needed it."

As for how married life is treating them, Schneider puts it perfectly: "It's rad. We rescued a one-eyed dog named Wink about a month after the wedding. He's like our baby son. And I just love telling everyone Emily is my wife. I'm so proud to be her husband. Waking up next to her every day and our little dog sleeping above our heads...It's just the best."

Stop being so cute, you two! If you missed their wedding video, stop what you're doing and start swooning over the emotional footage right now.

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