This Office -Inspired Wedding Shoot Would Make Jim and Pam Jealous

In the words of Andy Bernard, "Every little boy fantasizes about his dream wedding," which we can only imagine he was saying in reference to this spot-on Dunder Mifflin–themed wedding shoot. Thanks to the planning and design of Loose Ends Event Design and photographer Jessica Palacios of Rae Leigh Photography, this photo shoot inspired by Jim Halpert and Pam Beesley came to life, and it's so perfect that even Angela's party planning committee would approve.

For the shoot, the planners chose a color scheme that resembled the Dunder Mifflin office—whites, grays, and browns—as well as, of course, a mustard yellow, in honor of Dwight Schrute's daily attire. The invites, which were "mailed" in large brown envelopes, included the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company logo and were a surprisingly elegant mix of standard business typography and calligraphy. "Dwight," one of the cards read, continuing, "On August 13th at 5 P.M. we are getting married. Wear a suit. Not the one with the coattails. Don't be late. Don't be weird." And because the designers of the shoot nailed the Office theme down to every detail, they also paper-clipped a Post-It note of directions to the invite, reading, "156 paces from the light red mailbox, make a left. Walk until you hear the beehive. Do not look at Google Maps." (It references Dwight's iconic and odd directions to his home.)

The shoot stuck to a boho wedding theme, featuring wood accents and floral arrangements of neutral-colored grasses. The seating arrangements were organized by "cubicle," and were pinned with brown envelopes to a cork board.

For the occasion, the planner commissioned a minimalist four-tier wedding cake with iced macrame designs that Kevin would be drooling over. And in place of a traditional bride and groom topper, a mini white sign that read "It is your wedding." completed the confection—and gave a hilarious nod to Dwight's birthday planning capabilities.

Meanwhile, the dessert table featured a selection of appropriately designed cookies: a Dwight Schrute shirt, a "That's what she said" speech bubble, The Office's opening scene bathroom logo, and more.

The dinner menu, which was decorated with beet illustrations in honor of Schrute Farms, had a hilarious selection of dishes. For an appetizer, the planner chose a "chickpea salad with Professor Copperfield's Miracle Legumes." The main course, naturally, was a beet-based grilled cheese sandwich with arugula and goat cheese, all provided by Schrute Farms.

The photographer also captured a few shots of the "Jim" and "Pam" models recreating iconic scenes like Jim's wedding day cut-off tie.

If there's one thing we've learned from this photo shoot, it's that there ain't no party like a Scranton party 'cause a Scranton party don't stop.

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Venue: Houston Warehouse Studios || Planning & Design: Loose Ends Event Design || Rentals: A Finer Event || Linens: LBL Event Rentals || Tux: Alvin Tuxedos || Dress: Renegade Bridal & Gala || Florals: College Park Flowers || Paper Products, Calligraphy, Hair & Makeup: Man and Bride || Cake: Let There Be Cake || Photography: Rae Leigh Photography

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