What Every Medal on Prince Harry's Uniform Means

While all talk of the royal wedding attire has been centered around Meghan Markle and her already-coveted wedding dress, Prince Harry's ensemble (and his beard, more so) has also been a hot topic of conversation. Markle naturally stole the show in a Clare Keller for Givenchy gown, but let's fix our attention to the equally important groom's attire (it is his wedding too, after all).

Prince Harry and his best man, Prince William, made their way to St. George's Chapel prior to the wedding, sporting military outfits. The royal brothers wore caps, long jackets, white gloves, white belts, and pants with a red side stripe. According to Kensington Palace, both princes were dressed in the Blues and Royals uniform, which had been tailored by Dege & Skinner. We have to admit, we love a man in uniform.

A palace press release also revealed the groom's specific medals. Harry was decked out in his Army Air Corps Wings, which he received in 2010 upon completion of advanced helicopter training. He traditionally wears these on his left side, above the military medals. Below his wings, Harry sported four medals: "K.C.V.O., Afghanistan with rosette, The Queen’s Golden Jubilee and The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee," the statement read. It should be noted that Harry did not wear a blue sash, like his older brother at his 2011 wedding, because he has not yet been appointed a member of the Order of the Garter.

Additionally, Prince Harry wore the Star of the Grand Cross Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order. In 2015, the Queen knighted Prince Harry for his work in representing her in Britain and abroad. To represent his knighthood in formal dress, he wears the breast star as well as the badge on a ribbon around his neck. The medallion is a Maltese cross with a central cameo featuring the Royal Cypher of Queen Victoria. A blue ring reads, "VICTORIA," and a Tudor crown sits atop the circle.

The groom, who has officially been deemed the Duke of Sussex, wore military dress out of respect for his grandmother, Her Majesty the Queen. After all, she has the final say in his (and Meghan's!) wedding outfit. But not just anyone can wear military garb on their wedding day—Harry served in the British Military for 10 years. The groom is also Captain General of the Royal Marines, which is the position that Prince Harry took over from his grandfather, Prince Philip, in December of 2017.

Harry's beard was another topic of speculation and whether he might shave for the big day. The royal redhead chose to keep his facial hair, despite sporting his military uniform. Because he's no longer active, he likely didn't have to adhere to the standard that active-duty members must be clean-shaven in their gear.

Both Harry and William removed their caps after taking their seats in the chapel, where they anxiously waited (with the rest of us) to see Meghan Markle make her way down the aisle. And, in case you missed it, the pair's first look did not disappoint.

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