Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty Lingerie Line Now Has a Bridal Box

For the past year, Rihanna has been bringing sexy to people everywhere with her size-inclusive and oh-so-hot lingerie line Savage X Fenty. For the one-year anniversary of the launch, the singer (is it safe to say she’s moved on from that career?) launched a whole new crop of styles including some specifically for brides.

The Savage X Bridal Box includes “all the essentials every new bride will need,” according to a press release, per Pure Wow. Bridal essentials, according to Rihanna, are apparently heart ruffle pasties, a frill garter, and frill restraints, which are all available in the box. Consider your wedding night covered.

Savage X Bridal Box

SHOP NOW: Savage X, $44

Being the queen that she is, Rihanna thought of everything. Not only did the launch include the fun elements of lingerie accessories that the bridal box covers, but the May drop included some practical pieces that brides actually need during the wedding. The new release included the brand’s first strapless bra, which the brand called a “key essential to every women’s lingerie collection.”

Rihanna said, “You need the most epic strapless bra, but one that actually works and doesn’t make everything bulky and a problem.”

We couldn’t agree more. Wedding dress undergarments are essential to looking good on your walk down the aisle, and many dresses require a solid strapless bra. You now have the option of the Savage X Fenty version in sizes ranging from 32A to 46DDD. It is available in black, brown, and beige.

Savage X Strapless Bra

SHOP NOW: Savage X, $56

Once you’ve got your wedding day and wedding night covered, the rest of the collection has endless honeymoon looks. Shop our favorites below.

Savage X Satin Laced Garter

SHOP NOW: Savage X, $15

Dotted Cotton Bralette and Cotton Short

SHOP NOW: Savage X, bralette $34, shorts $34

Savage X Daisy Flounce Bra and Cheeky

SHOP NOW: Savage X, bra $56, cheeky $25

Savage X Classic Satin Cami Set

SHOP NOW: Savage X, $30

Savage X Metallic Lace Teddy

SHOP NOW: Savage X, $84

Savage X Daisy Slip Set

SHOP NOW: Savage X, $40

Savage X Metallic Lace Eye Mask

SHOP NOW: Savage X, $20

Savage X Lace Thong With Charms

SHOP NOW: Savage X, $30

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