Our 6 Favorite Ways to Honor Your Mom on Your Wedding Day

There's a good chance your mom is almost as excited about your wedding as you are—and with good reason! She's been dreaming about this day since you were born, after all. Whether you've designed every detail with her by your side, taken her with you to go dress shopping, or want her to be as surprised as your guests when she walks into your reception, it's a big day for her, too. And while moments like walking down the aisle and father-daughter dances are usually designed with Dad in mind, we think Mom deserves some special recognition, too. Here are six of our favorite ways to honor your mom on your wedding day.

Have a First Look

Even if your mom is the only one who really knows how to help you into your wedding dress and finagle all those buttons, make sure to take a moment once you're dressed and fully accessorized to show her the completed product. Grab your photographer (and some tissues!) and document the smiles and happy tears, as well as some sweet mother-daughter portraits that will look perfect framed in her living room.

Surprise Her With a Special Gift

A little token, along with a heartfelt note, is a great way to acknowledge everything she's done for you, as well as to commemorate the day. You could pick out an accessory to go with her MOB gown, or something that you know she'll wear every day. You could even treat her to a mother-daughter spa day so the two of you can recover together after all the excitement winds down.

Have Her Walk You Down the Aisle

Whether you have Mom on one arm and Dad on the other, or have her walk you halfway down the aisle to meet your dad before he gives you away, involving your mom in this special final walk is a great way to show her how much she means to you.

Plan a Mother-Daughter Dance

Pick a song the two of you love, like that Rolling Stones classic you grew up dancing around the kitchen to, or something more poignant like Lee Ann Womack's "I Hope You Dance." Start off just the two of you, then invite the rest of the mothers and daughters at your reception to join in.

Borrow Something From Her Wedding Day

Carrying something of your mom's with you down the aisle is a sweet way to show that you'll always have her close to you. Wear her veil, use the same pin to fasten the ribbons on your bouquet, tuck her handkerchief in near your heart, or slip her wedding band onto your right hand.

Use Her Favorite Blooms

Does your mom love calla lilies? Is her garden full of peonies? Whatever her favorite flower is, include a few blossoms in your bouquet or, better yet, throughout your wedding décor. Be sure to use them in her corsage, too!

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