Whitney Cummings Is Engaged!

There are so many ways to spend a birthday—getting together with friends, going on a trip, eating cake, or in the case of comedian Whitney Cummings, getting engaged!

Cummings posted a video to Instagram Tuesday of her reaction to her boyfriend Miles Skinner popping the question on her 36th birthday. “Oh my God, this is so weird! I would’ve gotten a manicure,” the bride-to-be said, letting all the engaged feels set in. Cummings is holding back tears during the video and showing her new sparkler off to none other than her horse, King. “What is happening! Is this real?”

Cummings captioned the video. “Today I got engaged,” she wrote. “I handled it great! This just goes to show that if you work on yourself, trust your gut, and keep your ego in check you too can find love on a dating app." The stand-up comedian and 2 Broke Girls creator didn’t reveal which dating app she found love on but we hope she spills her secret soon!

Cummings posted more photos of the special moment, one with Skinner on one knee and another with him literally sweeping his new fiancé off her feet. She thanked all of her well-wishers in the comments. “Slight BRAND revamp,” Cummings said. “Thank you for all the engagement about my engagement! I am reading all your comments! 📷 Cred: @joshklaw thanks for hiding in the bushes like a weirdo so we have proof I didn’t sprint in the opposite direction.”

According to People, Amy Schumer, Chrissy Teigen, Beth Behrs and Nikki Reed were among some of Cummings's famous friends to congratulate her on the big occasion.

“When you texted me I cried,” Behrs commented. “I’m so happy King witnessed the moment. I’m so happy for you both! He’s a lucky man!”

While Cummings has been more private about their relationship—making these proposal pictures the first sighting of her now fiancé on Instagram—Skinner has shared a few more pictures throughout their relationship. On New Year’s Eve last year, he shared a sleepy selfie of the two of them with the caption, “I love this woman.”

He also shared a shot of them jumping into the water to celebrate Valentine’s Day. “Undefeated,” he wrote with a rose emoji. “Happy Valentines Day.”

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During an appearance on Conan last November, Cummings mentioned having a boyfriend of 10 months and talked about online dating. “You either find a husband or you get murdered,” she said. “I’m in a good relationship now, it’s been going on for 10 months. We met on the Internet.”

Lucky for Cummings, her digital dating experience went the husband route; she revealed exactly how they make it work by keeping their personal and professional lives separate. "I am not allowing him to see my stand-up comedy," she said. "I think some things are better kept secret. I don't look at his porn, he doesn't look at my stand-up, it's a very good balance."

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