Wedding Decor Ideas to Steal From Interior Designers

Ditching Flowers for Funky Plants

Everyone expects flowers to get almost the same attention as a dress or cake, but Gianacakos likes to flip the script by using more exotic plants as centerpieces. As with many of the aforementioned objects, show-stopping greenery can also be brought home after the wedding and serve as a living, breathing reminder of your special day. 

“A potted orange tree, for example, can bring a statement-making pop of color, especially if planted in a fabulous decorative planter,” he says. “Like a home, you want these pieces to be conversation starters. I can also see a Mazari palm tree to add drama with scale, height, and unforgettable details.” 

Another plant design fad, especially in this post-pandemic world, is the purchase of inexpensive and easy-to-care-for cacti and succulents. “There are so many fun shapes, textures, colors, and even flowers with these beauties,” says Gianacakos. “Just hope your guests are smart enough not to touch some of them.” 

Ultimately, the overall look and feel of your wedding day is an extremely personal decision, but taking some of the design ideas you see in your favorite homes may be a fantastic starting point when sitting down with a planner or, most importantly, if tackling your event in a DIY fashion. Think of the space as one gigantic living or dining room and what you want it to say about your love story, interests, and personal taste. One thing’s for certain: Authenticity will never go out of style.

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