The 10 Fall 2021 Wedding Dress Trends You Need to Know

It's usually at the end of each Bridal Fashion Week that we take a moment to look back, assess the season's offerings and see the year ahead in wedding dresses. We can't deny that the last six months have made us hesitant to look ahead, but there's something about Bridal Fashion Week that can make the outlook seem quite rosy‚ÄĒeven virtually. Surrounded by beauty in the form of gorgeous confections, dreamt up with the utmost creativity, we're inclined to see a brighter future‚ÄĒat least one filled with special moments in the form of wedding dresses that feel like works of art.

As is usually the case, this season brought with it a bevy of new trends. Ten to be exact. While some of them were new takes on classic silhouettes, others felt unexpected and new. From oversized bows, to modest dresses with bare backs, and shoulders adorned with ribbons that created a train-like effect, this season's crop of wedding dress trends captured the current climate (the simplicity associated with micro weddings and the flexibility brides are craving with their wedding attire) while offering us a truly stylish experience.

Here, the 10 wedding dress trends fall 2021 brides need to know about.

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