18 Pictures of the Wedding Party You Need to Take

Sure, the couple is the star of the show, but the wedding party is right behind them. These VIPs are more than siblings and friends; they’re the jokesters, the revelers, the joyful criers, and the doting buds who bring out the best in the couple. These authentic, natural reactions also lead to some dazzling wedding party photos.  

Options abound when it comes to wedding party photo ideas, but photographer Audra Wrisley says it’s hard to beat a traditional group snap. “The classic bridal party shot is a must-have; they’re comfortable and happy but facing the camera with the couple toward the center,” she says. “I also love to create joyful shots with some movement, like pulling the couple a bit forward and having everyone walk together, smiling and laughing.”

Meet the Expert

Audra Wrisley is the owner of Washington D.C. based photography studio Audra Wrisley Photographer. With a decade of experience capturing weddings, engagement sessions and family portraits, Wrisley's work has been featured in a variety of publications.

Wrisley typically allots 30 minutes for bridal-party photos to account for the inevitable wedding-day delay. “I usually need about 20 minutes of actual shooting time with the bridal parties, but that extra time is so important for a buffer to ensure great photos and to keep everything running smoothly,” she says. Wedding party photos can take place before the ceremony if the couple opts for a first look; otherwise, they usually happen right after the ceremony, in one or two different photo locations.

Here are 18 wedding party photos to take on your big day.

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