The Best Weekday Wedding Destinations for Any Couple

It used to be a faux pas, but with event dates backlogged from the great pause of 2020, couples eager to get married are looking beyond the sought-after Saturday to lock in a date. The weekday wedding is having a major moment and venues are responding with over-the-top perks to cater to the midweek crowd. 

Casa de Campo, a luxury resort in the Dominican Republic, is one of many destinations responding to the increase in weekday demand with perk-packed offers adding to the allure of a wedding date shakeup. "We have seen a major boom in re-booking 2020 wedding groups and for those couples who are scrambling to find another date to celebrate their dream event; we felt as if this weekday wedding package would serve them beautifully!" says Theresa Calcos, director of sales for weddings and celebrations at Casa de Campo Resorts & Villas. "Our weddings team has been curating unique experiences for so many couples’ special days, and the weekday weddings package really illustrated that we can tailor a full itinerary of events surrounding a Casa de Campo wedding no matter the size, length, or even the day of the week."

With many venues following suit, the overwhelming selection of incentives surrounding weekday events makes choosing where to book the hardest choice for couples planning a midweek soirĂ©e. So, what makes a good weekday wedding destination? We asked wedding planners across the country to weigh in on what to consider when selecting your off-peak venue. 

Make a Vacation Out of It

"I find that destination weddings make better mid-week plans. Consider asking your friends and family to make a vacation out of it instead of just coming for a Wednesday night wedding in the city," offers Laura Maddox, owner of Magnolia Celebrates. "This requires more effort from your guests, sure, but it also means that they will focus on the wedding as they would if it were a weekend...instead of just coming for a bit and leaving early as they have to get up for work the next morning."

Avoid Big Cities

"When making weekday wedding plans, try to avoid large cities where you will be battling against the heavy work-week traffic," Sarah Blessinger, owner of Kindred Weddings and Events, advises. "Instead, consider the towns and cities around larger metropolis areas. A place that is a smidge more remote that can offer the feeling of a weekend getaway may also help get your guests in the mood to disconnect from it being the workweek and celebrate. Consider outdoor auto camps, glamping, cabins, or nature retreats as potential host locations for your wedding."

Plan Extended Events

"There is a much better chance of booking your dream venue on a Wednesday than on a, there's something so Euro-chic about having a wedding in the middle of the week! Destination resorts are great venues for mid-week celebrations. You can plan an extended series of events if you are married on a Thursday; dinner on Friday, a picnic on Saturday, and a farewell brunch on Sunday!" notes Syrie Roman, owner of Social Maven.

Consider Your Guests

"Venues that make better weekday wedding plans are those that are easy to get to for most guests. Ideally, it’s not a far drive and not a venue that guests will have to fight a lot of traffic to get to...particularly for hometown weddings. Destinations that make better weekday wedding plans are those that are cheaper and quieter during the week," shares Jamie Chang, owner and destination wedding planner at Mango Muse Events. "While almost all destinations are busier on weekends, some are almost purely weekend destinations. So having your wedding on a weekday in those types of destinations can really benefit not only your wallet but your wedding as well."

With the experts’ insight in mind, we’ve rounded up some of the best off-peak packages below to inspire your weekday wedding plans. 

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